Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wawan di sekolah

.prefect yang xperfect.
.prefect yang agak ditakuti pelajar nakal.
.prefect paling sengal.
.prefect yang slalu backing membe2 selagi mampu.
.penah jadik penolong ketua pengawas(sesi petang).
.prefect yang pernah terima ugutan dibunuh(kah3).
.prefect yang sangat tegas.
.prefect yang sporting la juga.
.prefect yang slalu kene tegor ngn ketua pengawas(sesi pagi).
.prefect yang malas pakai baju uniform.
.kenangan (pernah menampar pengawas lelaki).
.pemain setia netball.
.pemain setia bowling.
.pernah dapat pemain terbaik.
.pemain yang penah excident terok kat tiang gol.

painful life

i understand what true pain is

waking up without a soul

existing forever,but always alone

i know where sorrow is born

in depth of womans empty heart

her script of love to tears apart

i see misery in every faces

knowing no mercy,no joy,no peace

only death can bring them ease

i hear loathing in every word

every breath a burning pain

i feel hate inside mankind

rotting filth,disease& decay

in their defense,nothing to say

i taste the rotting flesh of sin

evil by nature,the mind of a child

i am the truth in all that you feel

my humanity stolen,compassion is gone

i am that which you know is wrong

i am in misery & darkness complete

knowing no other than that of my soul

destined for solitude,i am always alone

b i d a d a r i

.wan sara affiena bt wan zainal azhar.
.16 may 89.
.takin diploma IT(programming).
.currently in USM doin praktical.

DAMN love :
.maktok(penang familia).
.my BFF+housemate.
.old+new fren.
.snap pics.
.hangout+hevfun wit myluvly fwen.
.red tea.

FUCKIN hate :
.mat rempyt.